Between You, Me, and God

NuAFrikan Theatre NuWorks presents Between You, Me, and God, a new play written by the award winning playwright Marcus Dargan on the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Christians. Dargan adapts his personal writings and narratives from members of Rivers at Rehoboth, an affirming church located in Harlem, NY, creating an ethnodrama that embodies personal journeys of sexuality and spirituality through the eyes of same gender loving Christians within the black church.

“In 2009, I presented my family and church community with an autobiographical essay titled God is Love, based on my experiences being a same gender loving male growing up in a religious household and community that opposed homosexuality. As a result of officially outing myself to the church community, I was ostracized and eventually resigned to leave my home church to join Rivers at Rehoboth, an affirming church that embraces all people regardless of their sexual orientation.

“Between You, Me, and God is a play adapted from that letter and also includes narratives from other members of Rivers at Rehoboth. This work explores coming out, discovering sexual identity, and the development of spiritual growth. The result is an ethnodrama that embodies personal journeys of sexuality and spirituality through the voice of same gender loving Christians.

“With President Obama’s recent endorsement of gay marriage, many African American religious leaders have elected to further promote homophobia throughout our communities. There is a great need for education, reconciliation, and change. It is my hope that this work of art can be the catalyst to promote dialogue and nurture a healing process between the LGBT community and the black church.”
—Marcus Dargan, Playwright

CLICK HERE for the research abstract and full script.

Performance Dates

Staged Reading, May 17, 2012 at Grace Congregational Church

Meet the Cast

Christian Baxter (Featured Artist) is a Brooklyn native and recently graduated from Hamilton College with a B.A. in Theatre. His most recent credit is the role of Toledo in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Anton Floyd (Ensemble Member) received his B.A. from Alabama State University. He has performed nationally in various productions, including: Top Dog/Under Dog, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Fences, and Passing Strange.

Leroy Graham (Ensemble Member) is a recent graduate of City College of New York with a B.A. in Psychology and Theatre and has studied at the accredited British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. Acting credits include: David in The Amen Corner, Youth in Passing Strange, and Pete in the New Haarlem Arts Theatre production of Blues for Mister Charlie.

Ria Miller (Ensemble Member) holds an undergraduate degree in Theatre and took time off from the stage to pursue her BFA in Film & Video Production. She also holds an MBA in Media Management with her own film and theatre production company in the works. Her most notable roles include: Beatrice in A View From the Bridge and the lead role in Travis Williams’ feature Love Lost.

Sophornia Pickett (Ensemble Member) studied Theatre at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Her most notable credits include: Tatiana in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Emilia in Othello, and Teiresias in Antigone. Her credits with NuAFrikan Theatre include: The Colored Museum and Jean Genet’s The Blacks.

Miriam Tabb (Ensemble Member) is a City College of New York graduate with a B.A. in Theatre. She has performed at LaMama and Theater Lab, and has played Shakespeare, Moliere, and James Baldwin. Miriam previously wrote and directed Turning Points, and is currently a collaborating artist-in-residence with NuAFrikan Theatre NuWorks for her new play, broken motherhood museum.